Freak people out

The other day I got to meet someone who is basically an instant family member. A rare, sacred experience like when you meet a friend or fam’s partner and know they’re going to be in your life for a long time.

Mine was when I met Asta, the woman who owns the land where my Buddha-Mom Susan lives on San Juan Island. I’ve known Asta was dope from the jump—anyone repping for Susan this hard instantly gets full trust and props. But getting to meet them was like meeting a new sister. It’s pretty clear we’ll be knowing each other for a long time.

Professionally, they create art on a massive level that gets implemented in environmental projects in major cities, installations where thousands of people congregate, and for increasing accessibility to tech and new ways of living for folks.

My favorite first lesson from her, beyond her kindness, chill, and generosity, was how she described the intention behind some of her projects. I asked if a huge piece in a busy lobby she created was meant to help people realize their energy affects the vibe of the space they exist in. She responded, “Yes, but it’s mostly to freak people out.”

That’s the real goal. To get people to stop, think, and wonder—if even a few seconds. To pull us out of our norms and our to-do-list-packed skulls and help us feel existing with others in a space for a time.

Real hyped to consciously use the freak-o-meter on the art I make moving forward. What’s the point it what we make doesn’t pass this simple test?