Finding your good luck charm


I used to bike by this sign everyday on my way to work at the best arthouse in the world. At first I thought it was some funny college sports art, then I actually started getting bugged out by it. How is this thing still in the window?

Then I realized I love this fucking sign! BEARDOWN ERICA L O V E U is my neighborhood good luck charm. It became an unchanged part of the world, something I can count on. There’s a group of people really down for their friend Erica killing it at some sport. So down, this has been blocking the sun in their window for over 2 years.

Finding your good luck charm means discovering something on your daily route you connect with. It might be funny, sad, beautiful, living, rotting and old – anything that makes you turn your head and check in about your day, reminding you the world is crazy, but this small part is unchanged.

Some of my favorite good luck charms have been an old work van with a homemade wooden exterior paint job (if you’ve lived in NE Portland you’ve probably seen it), a rad purple low rider for sale in West Tucson, and a beautiful old sign for a defunct painting service – which I later got tattooed on my right arm!

Think about the piece of the world you count on on your daily route, I’m sure you have one already.  It isn’t necessary to interact with it (don’t break the 4th wall!), just rest in the grounded feeling you get when you see it.