Expect the best

Walking along the water the other day I went by someone on a phone call and speaking a language I don’t understand. Just as I walked by they moved into English and dropped a clear “Expect the best.”

It was already something that was on my mind all day. Coming into a questionable work gig and not knowing how it was going to go, and admitting I sometimes live in trepidation in these situations. Starting with damage control, ‘We’re going to get through it.’ Or even just neutral vibes, ‘It will be what it is.’ Which is better but why not expect the best and give the gig (or people) the benefit of the doubt they might be really awesome? Feels better than walking on eggshells, and made my workday wayyyy better.

So weird this is new and not something I’m used to doing! I know as a society we tend to talk about what’s wrong first and have a much harder time talking about what’s great. The news can keep us down, and keep us scared. As someone who intentionally works to name greatness and not be influenced by things like the negativity of the news, I was really surprised how often I’m not expecting the best out of situations.

Fun example… on the plane home I got stuck thinking about what would happen if there was an emergency landing. My first thought was it would be chaos. People knocking over other passengers to get off the plane. Nobody listening to the flight crew. Then after sitting with it for a bit, I realized there are some great people on this flight who would probably be extra helpful. This thinking also made for a more enjoyable flight 🙂

I’m not saying be overly optimistic. It might even mean just getting closer to middle ground – giving people and situations credit instead of taking it away before realizing who/what they are.