going ham on a mtn top

There’s so much happening in the world and I’m spending a lot of time with it circling in my head.

Still, the fact is I exist where I’m at. In this case, on the top of Wasson Peak, Tucson, AZ.

Earlier in the week I did an online mediation class with a group of 8 folks mostly from the south. The teacher got us thinking on these lines… asking us to really see what we were going through. How we were existing. What were we really experiencing right then and there?

Someone in the class had just lost an uncle to COVID. Heavy, sad, terrible. I was amazed by how they and the entire class were able to focus on the fact that the 8 of us were existing right there. It is really sad about his uncle, but his uncle’s pain is something we were admittedly bringing into the space.

This isn’t to say don’t process or give energy and love to these types of situations. To me, it’s just another reminder of the control we have over where our thoughts go and a great reason to practice pointing them towards our version of hype.

Also another check on the infinity list of reasons to rep for the moments we get to exist in this form. I have to believe my classmate’s uncle would rather us honor him by repping for our dopeness beyond anything.

youCREWyou🧡 💙