donny j.t. is a person

This made me feel better when I wasn’t supposed to be thinking of anything and sure as hell didn’t need to be spending time thinking of this mf while meditating today.

We’re on the same ground. Strip away all the power and media, we’re the same. We don’t think the same or act the same, but at the end of the day we’re a couple of people.

Maybe this helps because I find myself wanting him to come up and say something dumb while watching the DemocracyNow! headlines over lunch.

Maybe it’s to help me and anyone willing to remember/understand it all often feels like a big media ploy. Calculated and harmful but a big ploy. Just a person saying stuff for effect. A class clown with a giant microphone to the world.

Doesn’t justify anything good or bad bro has done or does. We’re not the same people. But maybe it helps to view dude as less then some kind of super-human, which maybe you already do.

crew 🧡💙