Yesterday I felt a legitimate release. A feeling of being done waiting on fully doing me.

This was brought on by a lot of things coming to a head. The biggest being my wife stuck in the ruckus room with COVID.

We’re here, laying low, and monitoring her health which is currently not fun, but stable-ish — no cause for a hospital trip.

Shit just got wayyyy more real at our new spot (circa 1.5 months for us). Everything that had seemed important like scoring a rad table on CL or new cassette shelves— all dope things we knew are still material — totally disappeared.

She’s being so strong and positive — such a testament to who she is. Somehow still cracking jokes and asking how folks are.

Huge thanks to everyone reaching out with support. I hope y’all know how much it means.

I also just left one of my jobs, not realizing it was going to feel like this and coincide with all that’s happening. Never seen so many clear signs to rep.

COVID in our house, news of DOOM’s passing, hearing tribute mixes like the brilliant Stretch & Bobbito mix I listened too while staring at a fire for 2 hours, and (though I hate to admit it) the Captiol terrorist tear-down…

Its a lot. And I’m down to be feeling all of it. Here for her and here listening to my heart, paying attention to what life is teaching, and most importantly, acting on it.