I’m on day 6 of deprivation from books, TV, news, and movies. Apparently one of the least popular aspects of The Artist’s Way and while I can see why… I’m totally digging it.

The idea is you can look back and see all the cool stuff you accomplished without having the urge to crash and watch TV or get caught up in news drama. I ended up listening to a ton of new music, mailing a couple of packages, fixing our stereo, writing, making beats, making the first backyard fire of the year and re-hyping our living space.

And at some point in the week, I completely forgot what ocotillos are called.

This was weird because it was one of the first plants I learned about when we moved to Tucson 4.5 years ago. My wife loves them and we think they look like they should live at the bottom of the ocean. We talk about them all the time and see them multiple times a day on walks.

I biked Cactus Forest Drive loop over the weekend, a rad one-way paved 8-mile stretch through the desert, surrounded by ocotillos – laughing about having no idea what they’re called.

It took my second loop after seeing 1,000’s of them and finally settling into not remembering the name and just enjoying the desert for the word ‘ocotillo’ to randomly pop back in my head. Hella solo laughing, cheering and hype-weirdness commenced.

I dug into the feeling of not knowing their name and being ok with it and started to think it was a product of my depro. It was similar to not knowing what was going on in the world, but still being able to walk around and enjoy it – possibly even enjoy it more.

Without the news clouding my day with things I have little control over, and what do control I have I try to exercise by being out in the community, protesting and voting, I’m free to just enjoy things for what they are.

I’m still Amy Goodman’s biggest fan, but I wonder if the fuel I get from not knowing and accomplishing creative goals is more effective for living the best life I can put out into the world than checking off the box that I know what’s going on…