Danny B but me

Danny Brown seems really good at doing him.

As a mega-dork-super-fan I know he isn’t just some party rapper that gets to do whatever he wants. He worked hard af to get to this point and hasn’t slowed — same with most folks we love who stay this prolific.

After meditating or biking or some other time when the ideas seem to cruise in, I came up with the mantra “Danny B but me” and wrote it on the whiteboard in my studio.

Repping how he inspires me to be me 100%

My raps aren’t near his and I’m not fronting like they are, but I try to tap into that same part of me he might tap into, the part that is him unapologetically doing him.

For his newest album uknowhatimsayin¿ (exec produced by Q-Tip) he took this vibe and slowed way down to rep for himself even harder.

“Before I used to try and catch lightning in a bottle and make up songs in five minutes, but with Tip, it’s like, I saw him working on one snare for six hours. It means you get a better end product.”

From this pretty great Okayplayer article by Torry Threadcraft

This is growth, and growing takes time and lived experience. As we get older, we get access to more and more perspective. We can’t offer young-us this knowledge, it’s legit impossible. It needs to come naturally and always does if we’re open to it.

The hype is paying attention to the knowledge we’re always receiving and listening to the added inspo from watching heroes like Danny repping living with intention this hard.