turning 38 and just so dang grateful for the folks in my life. it’s a trippy time to have a birthday… and my john oliver 30 seconds of whining would be having 3 family visits canceled this spring… but the reality is stuff is pretty amazing. i keep finding myself in life situations, on text threads, whatsapp convos and google hangs with folks that i kinda can’t believe are my people.

been loving the quote from my mega-hype bud Charles, “pay attention to what you pay attention to.” this can relate so hard here. looking at who and what we’re surrounded by. awesome people and animals?! taking it further to books, films, articles, flowers popping up in our lives… everything we’re seeing and experiencing feeding into a life we’re hopefully abso digging – and fully deserve to be if not.

in a time when things are this crazy in the world it’s even more essential to be grateful for the right now. part of that can be acknowledging how hard stuff is for some folks. breathing that in and sending vibes and power. being there for those in our community feeling it. and being there for ourselves in a way that gives us the best option for rad days.