Church of Hypecast #1 ft. STLB3 — Goosebump Bliss

BUDS!! ♾🐶♾ Happiest and hypest W Saturday! So excited to share episode #1 of the Church of Hypecast with yall! It features some mega-inspo from STLB3 @leadvesselskipper and the dope dope sounds of B-Hill @classicsneverheard

It’s weird not being with yall somewhere dope in the woods today. For those who don’t know – this would have been the 19th year in a row our crew came together to celebrate life sharing new art, tunes, costumes, food, laughs and hype vibes.

Biking this morning I was able to get to a place where I was there. I honestly can’t go anywhere without carrying this crew with me so it’s almost like every day is the W even though they don’t all feel so magical at first blush… It’s impossible for me to do anything without repping all I continue to learn from the dope folks I’m lucky enough to call crew.  

Max love yall! Hope you dig hearing this. Holler. Stay up. Stay crescendoing life. And stay stretching the skin between the mouth and ears.