Church of Hype: Jam of the Week #5

This week’s track is Dâm (pronounced dame) Funk’s We Continue from his Invite The Light triple vinyl LP (2015).

When I worked a 9-5 I’d start my weekend with this song. It gave me the feeling of reclaiming my time, myself really. It erased any negativity I dealt with over the week and set the vibe for my time off.

Dâm Funk’s music is unapologetically positive, leading us on a quest of self discovery and intenion towards being the best version of ourselves we possible can.

“You know you’re legit / cuz you never quit… Don’t you give up on the love you got inside y’all / And keep your passion and your pride, you know it’s alive!”

I’m honored to add We Continue to the Church of Hype: Jam of the Week playlist and hyped to do it justice with the company it’ll keep there 🚀🤘🏽

…oh and if you want to add some ⚡️focus⚡️ to your feed peep Dâm Funk’s twitter. So many cool takes on music, politics, and life.

He also runs Glydezone, a “…refreshing, humbly gearing up to fire on all cylinders” record label and Red Bull radio show.