Church of Hype: Jam of the Week #3

This week’s Jam of the Week is Could Heaven Ever Be Like This from the legendary drummer Idris Muhammad. It’s a ridiculously uplifting journey, full of bouncing  positivity and an intro that completely changes your day (try it)!

I first heard it on this jazz cassette comp I thrifted in the early 2000’s. I’d bump it on a boom box in my Ford Ranger while driving around rural Minnesota doing lawn care saving the money to move to Portland.

Eventually I hit rewind too many times trying to hear Could Heaven Be Like This and the tape snapped : (

Still on the hunt for another copy!

I was reintroduced to the song last year on Today’s Good News (RIP), the radio show hosted by legendary Portland DJ Rev Shines and All Night Tong. I hit him up about it and he said you gotta get the extended 12″, the 45 version is too short!

Hope you dig this track as much as I do – Check out the full Church of Hype: Jam of the Week playlist here