Church of Hype: Jam of the Week #2

This week’s ultra-hype, ultra-positive jam is Koushik’s Lying In The Sun from his 2008 release Out My Window on Stones Throw Records.

I count on this track to pop in my head when I need a heavy dose of uplifting sound, and it has -at least monthly – since buying the record in 08′.

Koushik adds layers of unidentifiable qualities (live instruments, singing, samples, whistling) to his tracks, creating a mystery that feeds the magic of his timeless sound.

Lying In The Sun samples the famous lip-smacking drum break from The Stooges Dirtthe horns from Bernard Wright’s Spinnin’ (also borrowed by this little hit from 95′), and probably 20-30 other elements we just get to enjoy without totally nerding out!

I was lucky enough to meet Koushik last month in Hamilton, Ontario while visiting my friend MOTËM at the Gebbz Steelo Research Center for the Arts. Grateful for the opportunity, I thanked him for his music saying it has always been an uplifting listen for me. He humbly returned the gratitude for listening and feeling his intention behind the art. THEN I WENT AROUND THE CORNER AND FREAKED THE FUCK OUT BECAUSE I JUST MET KOUSHIK!

Hope you enjoy this tune 🙂

Here’s a link to the full Church of Hype: Jam of the Week playlist on Spotify.

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