Choosing fun // practicing hype // supporting creW

Over the weekend I was working with a partner nonprofit for a film screening and live Q&A. Our partners range from super low maintenance (2-3 emails total) to some needing dozens of emails, calls, and texts.

The rep from this group texted me that we’d need to sign up for the Facebook event to get a link to the Q&A… not totally true and just adding to layers of Zoom confusion. Getting texts day-of, which happened to be a Saturday and usually an off-day, lead to this building up in my head as a way bigger deal than it actually was.

While in the shower getting ready I realized I had the choice to stress or not. I could let them know actually we didn’t need to sign up on Facebook, or just show up however and not stress it or talk about it.

It felt really good to laugh it off. To know that I could be reactive and stressed, or just chill and experience the exact same final outcome, a substantive and impactful Q&A. Makes it all sound pretty obvious right?

Realizing I need to chill the f out (this practice on repeat for infinity), I thought about what the artist Dax said on this IG live with the artist Rime the other day. My bud sent it over and the timing was perfect. It inspired me to cool out and have fun.

Dax was talking about not being so god damn serious. He said he’ll wake up and put on something funny like Tiffany’s “I think we’re alone now” and dance and laugh to “loosen up the energy.” He was talking about hanging with his folks in a situation where things could have been tense. I just love how simple and fun this idea is. And thinking about it a bit more, it’s something we’ve done as a crew for years.

I remember so vividly when my bud put on “Never Gonna Give You Up” while we were lurking around a cornfield next to our campsite and we all immediately broke out dancing.

Similar to another bud bringing a Sublime tribute show VHS to a cabin we rented. And way similar to “The Wake Up Jam” — still on my record shelf today — a ridiculous happy hardcore(?) song that, when played at 45, invokes all the emotions at once, almost always ending in smiles.

My shower-brainstorm about being less serious at work inspired me to have fun in ways I’ve been doing forever – but just forgot about. That’s a lot of what this hype practice is gang. It’s forgetting and remembering and re-remembering and unlearning and new learns over and over again for infinity.

It’s inspiring each other and listening to each other wherever we’re at, and that’s kind of the beauty of crew. We get to provide this support since odds are someone is always up and someone is feeling more low. Both totally OK and important to honor.

When my friend sent me that Dax/Rime IG Live I ended up really needing it. So happy he sent it over!

i am thriving in large part because i am in relationships where we stagger support, giving freely when we are the ones who have energy/love/money/time, and asking freely (or reluctantly, depending on our shapes around interdependence) when we are the ones struggling/lonely/broke/maxed out.

adrienne maree brown – “if you’re good, say you’re good”

The hype (like the hustle) is non-linear. Stress from one thing can combo with inspo from something else, and bring us to a space of realization that things are aight and it might be time to throw on “Particle Man” and laugh like my bro and I used to when we’d sneak into our sister’s room to play it back in 91′

¡creWlove! 🍊💜