Harness the superpowers of professional chillers

My neighbor parks in front of our mailbox every day. We’ve gotten a super cool 80s note about it in our mailbox and it changed nothing. I started to think this has to be pissing off our awesome mail carrier – an older gent who rocks mutton chops wayyy tougher than any hunter or bro in history.

He remains unphased. Because he has to. His annoyance threshold is 100x higher than any of us. If it wasn’t every day would be totally crappy!

Same goes for bus drivers. They’re almost unshakable. Sitting quietly while people fight, drink, and even worse – clip their fingernails (seen it twice in life so far – one bus, one plane 🙏)

These pro’s don’t get annoyed because if they did everything suck! Their annoying threshold is lifted so high that stuff that bugs us out doesn’t even register. They hustle too hard to care, and since they work directly with the public if they decided to get start stressed it would create a never-ending shitty crescendo.

*Honorable mention: the badass cart attendant at my local Safeway 🙇

I’m going to give props to this gang for a sec before showing you how to harness their superpowers for personal inspiration.

I’ve always held mail carriers in the highest esteem.  I write thank you notes on the outside of packages that say ‘mail carrier’s patience appreciated.’ I dig their fashion and was once told I looked like one at a party  😊. I even tried to get some USPS gear once but learned its actually illegal to unofficially rock the uniform – which is pretty cool for making it a little harder for sketchballs to act like they belong ringing your doorbell. Still – let me get some shorts and a sweater!

And bus drivers changed my life for 12 years in Portland, especially the one who told me he was ‘bordering superb!’ If you ever road the 15 in the mid-2000’s you know… “Tripple Nickel!!”

One time on the 20 (Burnside) a rider was drunk and screaming (SURPRISE!)… The driver didn’t flinch, calmly stopped mid-intersection and asked him to get off the bus. Dude kept swearing and yelling “What is your name!!” The driver quietly answered “bus driver” and asked him to leave again.

Eventually this drunk cartoon knew he couldn’t frustrate the all-mighty-mega-chiller and hopped off. The whole bus cheered and laughed – the driver gave us a slight smile and drove on.

Let’s learn from the masters of only giving a fuck about stuff that matters. 

Save your energy for being an awesome friend and leave your problems confused and hungry for beef like the drunk fighty bro who eventually gave up. The stuff that annoys you will do the same.

Jam of the Week #35 : Montara

Montara by Madlib off the 2003 Shades of Blue LP

I find myself randomly singing this loop and feeling so uplifted by it! Grateful it has a permanent home in my dome. Hope you dig hearing it for the first time or rediscovering the magic.

Madlib is so epic he gets taken for granted… at least that’s what happens in my collection. If I think about some of my favorite music of all time, most of it has a direct or indirect link to the loopdigga.

Jam of the Week #28: Spirits of the Ancestors

Spirits of the Ancestors by Josef Leimberg of the 2016 Astral Progressions (recently released on cassette!)

This is a mind-blowing awaking song that I’ve played probably over 50 times right when I wake up. I love what an incredible lead-in to my morning routine it is.

I was lucky enough to see it performed live last fall! They started out the show to it as the sun was setting at the outdoor LA venue. Total magic!

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Jam of the Week #25: Dominoes

Hey gang check out Dominoes by Donald Bryd off his incredible 1975 LP Places and Spaces … also appearing on the Blue Note Live at The Roxy LP (1976) which is where I first heard it and remains a pretty rad and cheap record to find.

The live version is more sped up and I always felt like he was basically rapping verses which I especially loved when I bought it in my most true school hip-hop years at around 20 years old.

Hope you time to let this track give you a smile this week 🙂

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Jam of the Week #23: Yeah Bud

Yeah Bud by Motëm (2017)

This track was released in the same year my Rap Van crew and I was lucky enough to hang with Motëm in Hamilton, Ontario at the Gebbz Steelo Research Centre (where arts research is conducted). He took us on a nice tour of the city which included a few of the places this video was shot.

It wasn’t an easy trip. A show we booked was canceled last minute and we had artists from neighboring cities in town to perform in the van.

This is where Motëm’s kindness, leadership, and maximum chill took over. He brought us past all the negative energy that was hanging around and took us out to his favorite local dive bar. He never gave any play to the bad vibes from the canceled gig, only focussing on fun stories and cool future ideas. The next morning he gave us a tour of Hamilton including the first Tim Hortons. It sounds simple now, but at the time it was EPIC.

Motëm straight up changed my life this trip

Now about 90% of my bike rides are spent repeating lines from Yeah Bud. ‘Ya bud you know I like to keep it positive / Ya bud you know, I can live and you can live.’ He reps for the fun and weird, and anyone breezing past negative energy.  ❤

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Jam of Week #18: New Edition Karaoke

New Edition Karaoke by Count Bass D off the 2005 LP BEGBORROWSTEEL

This track reps the Church of Hype vibe to the fullest. It came into life when the whole idea of this lifestyle presented itself to our crew, and it’s hype, weird, and ultra-upbeat on the borderline too positive tip.

Its the type of song we DJ and the crew goes off while the rest of the world either stares a little intrigued and weirded-out – ‘what are these hype vibes I’m feeling’ – or dives into the fun.

It brings me back to a couple magical times in life. Driving through a snowstorm to see Count and Tableek in Salt Lake City back in 2006. And Count performing at the crew venue Think Tank in Tucson. He shouted out my wife and I by name during a song and we lost our shit (permanently, luckily).

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100% ❤ 

Jam of the Week #16: Effeminence

Effeminence by Shabazz Palaces off the most-trippiest 2017 release Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines

This album is a so dang good, and Effeminence floats along with a mostly understandable and fully vibeable chant about life moving with us as we move. I know there’s more but I’m stopping here because I don’t want to read some suburban nerd’s (aka me when I was 15) translation of the lyrics on Rapgenius. I just want to stay on this cloud. COME HANG OUT ON THIS CLOUD YALL!

Oh and feel free to vibe your way into the next song. Shit’s incredible! And if you want to really dork-out (or haven’t yet) think about how Palaceer Lazaro (1/2 of Shabazz) used to go by Butterfly, founder of Digable Planets. Fuck!

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