Jam of the Week #29: Teachers

Big thanks to my bro Tom for picking the 29th Jam of the Week!

Teachers by Daft Punk off their 1997 LP Homework

Teachers is the ultimate representation of the ‘face backwards, crew forwards’ mentality. [A] Jon Francois phrase. We saw a dude accepting a trophy turn backwards on the stand to rep his crew on the back of his jacket.” – Tom

This all went down at  Pedal Fabulous (a bicycle fashion show) and sounds magical as hell. Thanks Tom and thanks to the most hype / most polite Jon Francois!

Jam of the Week #23: Yeah Bud

Yeah Bud by Motëm (2017)

This track was released in the same year my Rap Van crew and I was lucky enough to hang with Motëm in Hamilton, Ontario at the Gebbz Steelo Research Centre (where arts research is conducted). He took us on a nice tour of the city which included a few of the places this video was shot.

It wasn’t an easy trip. A show we booked was canceled last minute and we had artists from neighboring cities in town to perform in the van.

This is where Motëm’s kindness, leadership, and maximum chill took over. He brought us past all the negative energy that was hanging around and took us out to his favorite local dive bar. He never gave any play to the bad vibes from the canceled gig, only focussing on fun stories and cool future ideas. The next morning he gave us a tour of Hamilton including the first Tim Hortons. It sounds simple now, but at the time it was EPIC.

Motëm straight up changed my life this trip

Now about 90% of my bike rides are spent repeating lines from Yeah Bud. ‘Ya bud you know I like to keep it positive / Ya bud you know, I can live and you can live.’ He reps for the fun and weird, and anyone breezing past negative energy.  ❤

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Jam of Week #18: New Edition Karaoke

New Edition Karaoke by Count Bass D off the 2005 LP BEGBORROWSTEEL

This track reps the Church of Hype vibe to the fullest. It came into life when the whole idea of this lifestyle presented itself to our crew, and it’s hype, weird, and ultra-upbeat on the borderline too positive tip.

Its the type of song we DJ and the crew goes off while the rest of the world either stares a little intrigued and weirded-out – ‘what are these hype vibes I’m feeling’ – or dives into the fun.

It brings me back to a couple magical times in life. Driving through a snowstorm to see Count and Tableek in Salt Lake City back in 2006. And Count performing at the crew venue Think Tank in Tucson. He shouted out my wife and I by name during a song and we lost our shit (permanently, luckily).

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100% ❤ 

Jam of the Week #15: Much

Busdriver’s been a massive inspo for me (and the crew) since the early 2000’s. I first read about him in either Life Sucks Die or Wax Po, or maybe that old uk rap zine Big Daddy. Pretty sure I was intro’d to Edan in the same issue… s/o reading!

He’s always done whatever he wanted (official fun pro / church of hype mission)! I used to love Busdriver because he was different. Now I think about it more along the lines of the change and vibe he’s pushed for over 20 years, and how fucking incredible his legacy really is.

That’s why Much from his 2015 album Thumbs is the 15th Jam of the Week! It’s a feel-good song, it’s weird, it’s hella creative and coded, and it comes from decades of experience in music and in life – totally showing his growth and comfort as an OG.

I read an interview lately (hip-hop nerd glasses, on!) where he was talking about having more fun as of late. He talked about smoking weed more, where he didn’t used to party as much because everyone was doing it. Now he’s sliding in super comfy and imo is able to share a pretty rad perspective on life in general having not been smoking solid for like 30 years (no diss!). Maybe just a different take.

Ending it on that dork out^. Thanks for the forever catalog of music Busdriver!

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Jam of the Week #13: Gang Nativity

Super excited for the first extra-special guest edition of the Jam of the Week, chosen by my most hype, ultra-inspiring, and forever dope friend Christian!

Full disclosure – she chose my group’s song Gang Nativity, from our release on Hit+Run earlier this year 😊

The great Motëm once asked me if I was Grand Cooley. In that moment I realized that, without even noticing it, I had become a part of the most unfuckwithable crew!

I’m incredibly grateful to have such a strong, supportive community of people who are so full of love and positivity. Gang Nativity has served as a continual reminder of this from two of my all time favs and is one of my ultimate hype jams for this week and on! – Christian

🧡Dang thanks Christian! You’re why the gang is unfuckwithable! 💙

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Hyped ⚡️🚀

Feeling like Ice T’s Twitter right now gang. Scored a rad new job and I swear I did it with positive feels, crew, and not letting the world claim defeat.

Positive feels: So today I refocussed how I interact with my old job and said own this shit. Be a true fun pro. Do this work and stay happy and motivated. Halfway through the shift, email about the new job!

Crew: Spent the day with two of the most bad ass people I know, my wife and a mega-tight-bud.  Earlier in the day my friend gave me some cool direction. She is working so hard to do cool shit and move past the bull it’s inspiring and totally rubbed off. Later in the day my wife supported me through the transition of how to move from one job to the next and helped me step back and look at what’s most important.

Not letting the world claim defeat: I had some good interviews for the new job, but the last one felt so-so. The next day I figured they’d ghost me because I came off kinda bland. I was down for a sec, took a bike ride, came back home and wrote a heavy email to the 3 people I interviewed with at the company. My title had a rocket ship and a lightning bolt emoji. I went off. Told them why I was the shit, and even why I didn’t come off like myselft in the last video-interview. Either I was gonna look crazy or prove that I could kill it. So far it feels like the latter or maybe a good combo of both 🤘🏽