Being inspired to do things your own way.

Cue Fleetwood Mac “You can go your own way” looped… maybe a questionable youtube cover version on blast. 

Because you can (and must). It’s the only option. 

Every obligation in the way of doing you is subtracting from your path and the goals of your universe. 

If you feel pulled by a job, a relationship, fam, news… it should be in full love and hype, not as though you’re doing someone a favor or sacrificing.

It’s not the reason you’re not doing you. Maybe the concept of you is actually different than you think (and doing you IS ditching it all for a heavy cause or person you love), or maybe you’re hiding.  

Shielding by saying I want to create/travel/work/leave/stay/move/jump/sit/sleep/stop/wait/relax/exercise but only once I finish X/Y/Z/A/B/C first. 

That’s swimming upstream and the difference between this backward trek and the sheer hustle and need to work hard to make rad things happen is clear. 

It’s in your heart.