Artist’s date

Julia Cameron recommends we take ourselves on a weekly artist’s date. A solo excursion doing something we love – could be a simple coffee or a full-on vacay.

One of my favorite aspects of artist’s dates is making time for them. It forces us to see how little we take time for ourselves, and if this is something we already do, it gives us permission to make the time more sacred. Artist’s dates get you away from regular life and open up hype avenues for creativity we didn’t see coming.

So this week I took a bike ride to a chill spot on the Santa Cruz Wash to have breakfast, read, and meditate – and followed it all up with a massage.

Coming off of this feeling so hyped about the week to come, the week past, creative work, work work, fam, and just life in general.

Did you take yourself out on an artist’s date this week without realizing it? If not… what’s up with taking one this week?!