I’m Nick and that’s my lil dude LUG. Honored you’re here! 

I write to cut through wack stigma in hyping ourselves up to do us 100, and I hope this is a space where you feel inspired, represented, and challenged to honor what’s possible.

I also write because that’s what my path is telling me to do right now, and the more openly I listen and act on those vibes, the better I am at being a partner, friend, and a part of this amazing crew.

So appreciate you taking the time to read any of this.

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My friends and I came up with Church of Hype in the early 2000s as a way to rep for how we live.

The name came from reinterpreting a church marquee up the street from the 3 bed/1 bath house where a dozen of us lived in NE Portland.

Writing here makes me feel like I’m sharing my crew’s super hype vibe with the world, and that’s kinda the best motivation ever <3

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