Welcome to Church of Hype!

I’m Nick and that’s my lil dude LUG

I write to cut through wack stigma in hyping ourselves up to do us 100, and I hope this is a space that helps you feel inspired, represented, and challenged to honor what’s possible.

I love hyping up the crew. If you’re looking for a 1-1 hype chat about work stuff, moving, new ways to tap into your dreams, or other life transitions, reach out here.

I’m also keeping a reading list and cycling through updates of this Spotify playlist.

So why hype.church and not just nickkelso.com?

It might be because I’m not the best at marketing, but it just seemed way more fun.

My friends and I came up with Church of Hype in the early 2000’s as a way to rep for how we live. The name came from rearranging the words on a church marquee up the street from our house in NE Portland (which I’m sure they appreciated).

Writing here makes me feel like I’m sharing my crew’s super hype vibe with the world, and that’s kinda the best motivation ever <3