Happy to be here now in what is now, but still looking for those little signals to stay on my path and right now they’re coming in different increments. Still fully there, just showing up differently. It’s not easier, not harder, just different.

Part of this is the external. The love and ideas are still there unchanged. It’s the outfit that’s different. The Shape they take. That part is new. And sadly, it can inhibit some of these great ideas or put them aside as something for later or a missed opportunity.

There is no later in life or anything missed. Of course we change and grow and energy levels bend and shift towards different things but we’re still here taking in signals and acting on them, for all our days.

Doing what’s feeling right. Following our hearts and paying attention. As only we can. Even our closest fam and crew can agree or disagree and it doesn’t matter.

My Dad used to put it plainly and say there’s only one person you look at in the mirror every day. Everything else is just layers. Lovely, supportive layers, but layers the same.

It’s important that the path continues. Within us. Uninhibited but not unchanged. Shaped but not thwarted. Honored completely.