Riding the hype of friends doing cool stuff!


going ham on a mtn top

There’s so much happening in the world and I’m spending a lot of time with it circling in my head.

Still, the fact is I exist where I’m at. In this case, on the top of Wasson Peak, Tucson, AZ.

Earlier in the week I did an online mediation class with a group of 8 folks mostly from the south. The teacher got us thinking on these lines… asking us to really see what we were going through. How we were existing. What were we really experiencing right then and there?

Someone in the class had just lost an uncle to COVID. Heavy, sad, terrible. I was amazed by how they and the entire class were able to focus on the fact that the 8 of us were existing right there. It is really sad about his uncle, but his uncle’s pain is something we were admittedly bringing into the space.

This isn’t to say don’t process or give energy and love to these types of situations. To me, it’s just another reminder of the control we have over where our thoughts go and a great reason to practice pointing them towards our version of hype.

Also another check on the infinity list of reasons to rep for the moments we get to exist in this form. I have to believe my classmate’s uncle would rather us honor him by repping for our dopeness beyond anything.

youCREWyou🧡 💙

People’s Prayer Library

So excited to share the launch of my friend Greg’s new project People’s Prayer Library!! “Music for prayer, meditation, and body / mind relaxation created by a community of musicians and artists.”

Hours of beautiful trippy sounds and Greg’s exceptional visuals uploaded to YouTube for all the times they might feel good. Meditations, focussing on work/creativity, environment/room hype-ups, bedtime head-clearers, online yoga class soundtracks… I like to right-click and loop on YouTube to let the vibe settle in for hours.

So far this one is one of my favs.

I’ve entered the cave

And I’m grateful to be included with a track and Greg’s artwork as well!

Fully accintentional

These vibes are EXACTLY what I need right now to tap into how I’m feeling, shake off weird energies, uplift my focus, and feel the dope vibes of friends being creative.

So highly encouraged to peep and share People’s Prayer Libary on YouTube if you dig <3

Thank you Greg! Rad example of the power of CREWVIBES🧡💙


My crew and label Hit+Run put out this comp last week. I’m blown away and honored Tom and I are included… but absolutely fucking floored by the words Brandy shared for why he put this out. So needed right now and pulled me out from beneath all this confusion and pain… I hope they can do the same for you – infinity.

Words from Brandy – Miyagi, Hit+Run:

Checking in with everyone to make sure YOU are doing as good as can be during these challenging times.  Being isolated for so long is proof to how much we need each other in our lives.  Hopefully you’re remaining focused, courageous and optimistic, finding clarity, spending quality time with loved ones, appreciating the slowness, catching up on personal projects, watching new & favorite movies/tv, listening to records, reading books, appreciating nature, exercising, staying active, eating right & harmonizing with your inner being.  Make sure to remind your lovely self to remain confident that we’re gonna get through this unprecedented moment in time very very soon.  We’re all rising to this occasion together and with a deeper understanding of ourselves (Who am I?), that to which we desire (What do I want in life?) and what we are truly blessed to possess (loving family, joyful friends, devoted pets, healthy bodies, unique talents, special abilities plus earthly luxuries) will emerge as stronger individuals of a new global community. 

Isolated as many are, music remains an extraordinary way to escape the surrounding walls and find comfort in our personal audio dreamland.  We want to share another mode of imaginative departure, with a new musical compilation entitled (((VIBRATE HIGH))).  This 122-minute / 42-track compilation (!!!) includes both released & previously unreleased tracks from the ninety-five full-length albums, compilations, EPs and 7″ singles H+R has produced over the past eleven years, as well as sneak peeks at three more future classics we have planned for 2020. 

We love you all very much, plus appreciate your time & commitment to the arts.  Practicing art beautifies our planet, and human beings make the world an amazing and joyful place.  We wish you wisdom, patience, self-control & determination on our current committed individual & collective missions.  Be well, stay mindful, keep smiling and we hope to see all of you passionate souls very soon!


C R E W 🧡 R U N S 💙 D E E P

Living in the Marta

I decided to pretty much completely unplug last weekend and live a dream I’ve been working towards for a long time: bike camping.

Fully recognizing the luxury of being able to turn off the news and go – acknowledging those who aren’t able, are sick, with loved ones, on enforced lockdowns, etc. Also thinking deep down folks in these positions would probably, and maybe more than anyone, say “Go biking into the country guy!”

I’ll spare you the pics of my bike on various nondescript hillsides but wanted to share something I learned from Marta, the women who owned the property next door to my campsite.

A most solid reminder to live in the moment

I used Hipcamp for the first time, which is basically like Airbnb for camping, and wound up on a beautiful piece of land with a water spigot, wildflowers, composting toilet, and some mesquite woods I could grab firewood from.

Unlike camping in the woods I was basically setting up in a little country neighborhood outside Mammoth, AZ. I had neighbors and one of them was Marta – a woman probably in her late 60’s or early 70’s, living on a big piece of property next door by herself.

I spent a lot of my time sitting, reading, staring at birds, the hillside, sunsets, the fire… just trying to stay there in the moment. My mind was running all over the place – thinking of people I wanted to reach out to, “I need to get a picture of [everything],” what I’ll make for dinner… Since I was without most of my usual distractions, it was a great place to realize how much work it is to try and stay present.

As I was reading and thinking I heard someone call out from behind me. It was Marta holding a chair. She said, “this will be more comfortable!” I was sitting on the ground on this new camping seat pad I got for bikepacking which is great, but not a chair with a cushion. I accepted the chair and we chatted for a bit. She said I could put it over on her side of the fence when I was done.

Sitting in Marta’s chair, in the same spot I was before, I felt this crazy sense of being in the right now. Everything else seemed to fade away – as it was completely wiped by Marta’s kindness and the fact that she existed right here – I was sitting on her chair – and everything else taking up space in my mind was miles away.

It pulled me in and I just sat there in Marta’s chair laughing and staring at the same beautiful landscape with a completely new lens. I was cracking up at how well this worked to get me really, actually, there!

I eventually moved back to the picnic table to start working on some dinner and was cutting up some of the greens Richard the landowner gave me when I heard another “Hey” from behind me. It was Marta – with a full bag of dinner. Bean soup, quesadilla, soda, an apple, and 3 dates which she called figs (so I did too).

Whamo. Right back into the moment. I was doing ok, better even, but just like in mediation, running, yoga, biking, cooking – anything you do where you try to stay focussed and your mind wanders – mine was starting to run around a bit again.

A new and even better now

Marta’s overwhelming kind gesture ripped me fully back into now – and into a new now. I left a news cycle (and world) in legitimate fear and pain. And here I was experiencing total joy from a complete stranger. Not something I’d seen on the news or thought I’d experience in the coming days through this pandemic.

Marta took me to the now – and changed it into something even better. So my question is where can we find these vibes in our day to day without needing to leave town?

I think if we look into the subtle things they are there. I’m trying to keep Marta in my heart and mind and stay on the lookout for these signs that may go against the grain of everything we’re feeling – but may make things feel way better.


A poem from my buddha-mom, Susan

I am striving to be willing
To be flawed perfection…To accept the bells, the drums, the language of rain.                             To accept that it takes the dark clouds, the cold morning, to only briefly, perhaps, become rainbows, sparkling color, when lit by the appearance of the sun, before folding back into darkness. Recycled Beauty.

Written the day after needing to cancel her trip to visit my wife and I due to the pandemic. Crew🧡💙