Life support

Art/life/support chats with my buds yesterday. So grateful for these 3!

I learned it’s ok if we’re not knocking creative work out of the park right now. Could be a good time to tidy up the studio, do some of the creative labor on the list (transcribing, tweaking, editing…), and that maybe creating has less direction amidst everything happening, as it’s a reflection of our lack of knowing exactly what to do – which is ok.

Wishing everyone the best inner/outer vibes possible. If you want to catch up I’m so so down.



And when the sun goes down
The dew falls on the ground
That’s when friends meet and greet
Fellowship sounds so sweet

Digging this Count Bass D tune major rn. I’m sure you’re feeling similar vibes (we kinda all are…) If so, reach out to your peeps! If I’m in your circle I’ll be sure to answer.


double rainrain🐶🐶

i felt overwhelmed and stressed for a sec yesterday.

talked with my wife abigail about it, felt way better – made myself a coffee, more betterer – made a beat, extreme betterness… then came the legit double rainbow 🌈♾🌈

just a reminder how dope life can be when we remember to talk to people we love, treat ourselves to stuff we like, and do the stuff we love doing.

crew! 🧡💙

shoutout: serendipity & the artist’s way


turning 38 and just so dang grateful for the folks in my life. it’s a trippy time to have a birthday… and my john oliver 30 seconds of whining would be having 3 family visits canceled this spring… but the reality is stuff is pretty amazing. i keep finding myself in life situations, on text threads, whatsapp convos and google hangs with folks that i kinda can’t believe are my people.

been loving the quote from my mega-hype bud Charles, “pay attention to what you pay attention to.” this can relate so hard here. looking at who and what we’re surrounded by. awesome people and animals?! taking it further to books, films, articles, flowers popping up in our lives… everything we’re seeing and experiencing feeding into a life we’re hopefully abso digging – and fully deserve to be if not.

in a time when things are this crazy in the world it’s even more essential to be grateful for the right now. part of that can be acknowledging how hard stuff is for some folks. breathing that in and sending vibes and power. being there for those in our community feeling it. and being there for ourselves in a way that gives us the best option for rad days.


Are you sure?

No pressure!

New inspo art and mantra! Been listening to lots of ‘Buddhism Guide’ podcasts and reading ‘No Mud, No Lotus’ by Thich Nhat Hanh. Both are inspiring thoughts about suffering and perception.

Hanh said to write ‘Are You Sure’ beautifully and hang it up somewhere visible. Since I don’t really write so beautifully I used my press on letters from the @pressonrecords crew!

For me this is repping a release from perceptions which just keep us suffering! If we don’t know, or can admit that we so often don’t, things can feel so much easier!

Muchisomo max love y’all. Crew🧡💙


Super hyped to share some newish tunes with ya and talk a bit about sharing art and how good it felt to put this out!

Here’s the bio I wrote for this:

Selected unreleased work created 2014-2018 in Linnton, OR and Tucson, AZ leading up to the 2018 Destined for Greatness cassette released on Church of Hype (

“I just read an inspiring interview with Dakim where he talks about sharing work before doubts arise. A couple of months ago I completed The Artist’s Way, which has been so huge for me in recognizing and dissing the wack inner voice trying to silence our creativity. So when I randomly found this folder of beats one morning, I immediately knew what to do. Hyped and honored to share. CREW!” – Illslur

A bit more about it:

I was having a really hype morning. Drinking coffee in the studio, jamming beats and freestyling over some new stuff. Don’t really know how but I looked up at the screen and had accidentally opened this folder of beats. I paused for a sec, having heard them a bunch years ago but never had a plan to share. I tapped into my more recent vibes of being happy with what we create and ok with sharing it.

From there, within ~30 minutes I had the cover and concept done and shared the project a couple of days later on my mom’s B-Day! Even got to rally with some crew how to share and some of the design elements.

Sometimes I like to think of good reasons to not share stuff and laugh… why wouldn’t this come out? It’s legit been so much fun and totally rehyped me on sharing more stuff and working on stuff with the crew. So worth it for those reasons alone!

I chose to go as judgment-free as I could with the tracks. Definitely keeping in mind it’s important to edit, but also being ok with some stuff that might feel weird. Letting folks form their own opinions about it – something I think so many of our favorite artists do.

Put stuff out and move on. Have some fun sharing and keep having fun making newshit.