Kool-Aid & Gas

When I was a kid I remember wanting to make Kool-Aid with a friend. For some reason the best idea was to use a big red funnel from the garage for pouring the water in the pitcher. No idea why this part needed a tool and we couldn’t just get the water direct from the sink?

Thanks to all of the immunity boosters in Kool-Aid with tons of sugar we didn’t get sick and now whenever I think of funnels this comes up. 

During the morning pages this morning I thought about life as a big red funnel towards an unknown. A mixture of our experiences heading toward what we’re supposed to do.

Stuff keeps being added as we slosh around and keep making our way towards the end, only for more experiences to get tossed in and mixed up with everything else. We begin again heading down the funnel with a new batch of life to draw from. 

All of our experiences – good or bad – are practice for next steps. It’s up to us to tap into them and inspire growth. 


Rx to Relax

What are we doing if not taking a second, minute, or hopefully an hour or so to hook ourselves up on the daily? When is the last time you took a deep breath, held it a bit, and chilled? If you can’t remember – maybe now’s a good time to look away and breathe. 

How about the last time you laid down on your back with your feet flat on the ground, legs bent, put on some tunes or words, and just sat there. In a class yesterday with an ultimate badass bodyworker in Tucson we learned how important this is, and how it’s actually one of the best ways to hook up your lower back. She offered us a prescription to relax.

Is this weird? Would it be weird if your roomie or bud walked in and you explained you were lying on your back jamming a podcast for 20 minutes? Is it somehow less weird to watch TV for an hour and 20 minutes? Isn’t that completely fucked up???

Been loving doing these needed relaxation activities and calling out the backward norms in my life – hope it’s helpful for you too.


Being inspired to do things your own way.

Cue Fleetwood Mac “You can go your own way” looped… maybe a questionable youtube cover version on blast. 

Because you can (and must). It’s the only option. 

Every obligation in the way of doing you is subtracting from your path and the goals of your universe. 

If you feel pulled by a job, a relationship, fam, news… it should be in full love and hype, not as though you’re doing someone a favor or sacrificing.

It’s not the reason you’re not doing you. Maybe the concept of you is actually different than you think (and doing you IS ditching it all for a heavy cause or person you love), or maybe you’re hiding.  

Shielding by saying I want to create/travel/work/leave/stay/move/jump/sit/sleep/stop/wait/relax/exercise but only once I finish X/Y/Z/A/B/C first. 

That’s swimming upstream and the difference between this backward trek and the sheer hustle and need to work hard to make rad things happen is clear. 

It’s in your heart. 


Pause 4 the cause

*This is a barely tested idea as I’m just now trying it out.

I’m lingering as much as possible before jumping into work. Sipping some tea. Taking some deep breaths. Burning some incense. Playing some tunes. And I’m not looking at it as procrastinating… it’s taking a minute to be me fully before jumping into work I’m lucky enough to love doing, but still do in place of making weird beats or writing hype paragraphs all day long.

I’m here, at the computer, and all that I need to do is open that Gmail tab to completely sway my day in the worky way. Something about this pre-space is really special and acknowledging of the self. It could be equally if not more important to do before jumping into creative work too. Most things, I’d guess, would benefit from a check-in and self-righteous reminder of things we love.


Fun Pro PhD

I felt really distraught lately – struggling to find the positive approach when it usually just appears. 

A couple of life-changing events left me defeated in a new way. I couldn’t find an answer. And while it’s also not the time to ‘fix’ things, I knew the lowness I felt wasn’t going to help anyone. 

After meditating on this for a while I was able to turn things around, with the credit going to my best friend for how inspiring he has been over these few days. I looked deep into the pain and found him – incredibly resilient, proactive, and even funny.

None of these would be surprising given regular circumstances, but here in a state of grief and loss, I feel like I just re-learned and got my Fun Pro PhD in all of the lessons he’s taught me my entire life, compacted in the span of a few days. Knowing there’s lots more to come… 

I’m so grateful for his leadership, always have been, and always will be. It gives me concrete examples of what I CAN do right now. Not to-do list specifics, but vibes to cruise with. And how to do it with peace and love.