Been digging getting ‘stuck’ behind a slower walker (or even driver) when not in a hurry for a sweet lil added break and the chance to notice new things I would have otherwise most definitely missed.

Artist’s date

Julia Cameron recommends we take ourselves on a weekly artist’s date. A solo excursion doing something we love – could be a simple coffee or a full-on vacay.

One of my favorite aspects of artist’s dates is making time for them. It forces us to see how little we take time for ourselves, and if this is something we already do, it gives us permission to make the time more sacred. Artist’s dates get you away from regular life and open up hype avenues for creativity we didn’t see coming.

So this week I took a bike ride to a chill spot on the Santa Cruz Wash to have breakfast, read, and meditate – and followed it all up with a massage.

Coming off of this feeling so hyped about the week to come, the week past, creative work, work work, fam, and just life in general.

Did you take yourself out on an artist’s date this week without realizing it? If not… what’s up with taking one this week?!


Do you deeply

“You don’t search for reality, you live deep within it.” – Ayn Rand

I’ve gotten some cringes from folks when I tell them I loved Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead.

To me they completely hype you up to do you beyond any and all outside forces.

I’ve heard others use them as evidence for wack political views… their bad?

What do we do when something makes us feel super positive and others take it a different way? Could be another point for trusting ourselves and worrying less and less about the exterior negatives.

Tip the scales

Growing up in my home and community art wasn’t devalued per se but it wasn’t really valued either – it just existed. It was something other people did because they had it in them. This magical force inside that I apparently didn’t have, totally negating the work people put in to get to the artistic level they’re at!

Even when it existed right in my face, it still just existed. My mom used to make (and still does create) some ridiculously amazing art and she humbly says “oh that’s been in the garage for years,” or “it was just a pattern…”

Feels like I’ve been trained to see art as second place and need to focus on tipping the scales. My folks encouraged and we’re cool with me buying turntables as a kid but it was never seen as a real job or anything more than a hobby.

I love daydreaming about making art/music – but more often my head clouds fill with work stuff that definitely doesn’t need as much deep thought. There’s that vibe that work stuff is more real and important. It’s somehow more valued even on a bike ride thinking about an old client’s website – when I could be daydreaming about future art and hyping up the soul.

It’s almost like these scales need to tip to value the time of practicing our craft to really dig into our passion. If the passion isn’t paying bills and money is needed, then we’ll need to work too of course, but it’s a new way I’m looking at this push and pull of making time to do more of what I love.



I’m on day 6 of deprivation from books, TV, news, and movies. Apparently one of the least popular aspects of The Artist’s Way and while I can see why… I’m totally digging it.

The idea is you can look back and see all the cool stuff you accomplished without having the urge to crash and watch TV or get caught up in news drama. I ended up listening to a ton of new music, mailing a couple of packages, fixing our stereo, writing, making beats, making the first backyard fire of the year and re-hyping our living space.

And at some point in the week, I completely forgot what ocotillos are called.

This was weird because it was one of the first plants I learned about when we moved to Tucson 4.5 years ago. My wife loves them and we think they look like they should live at the bottom of the ocean. We talk about them all the time and see them multiple times a day on walks.

I biked Cactus Forest Drive loop over the weekend, a rad one-way paved 8-mile stretch through the desert, surrounded by ocotillos – laughing about having no idea what they’re called.

It took my second loop after seeing 1,000’s of them and finally settling into not remembering the name and just enjoying the desert for the word ‘ocotillo’ to randomly pop back in my head. Hella solo laughing, cheering and hype-weirdness commenced.

I dug into the feeling of not knowing their name and being ok with it and started to think it was a product of my depro. It was similar to not knowing what was going on in the world, but still being able to walk around and enjoy it – possibly even enjoy it more.

Without the news clouding my day with things I have little control over, and what do control I have I try to exercise by being out in the community, protesting and voting, I’m free to just enjoy things for what they are.

I’m still Amy Goodman’s biggest fan, but I wonder if the fuel I get from not knowing and accomplishing creative goals is more effective for living the best life I can put out into the world than checking off the box that I know what’s going on…


Box of Wheaties

Soundtrack for the weekend from Quelle Chris! Making some of the most legit feel-good rap possibly ever. Also a rad album with many creative and smart perspectives about guns.

I added this and a few other cuts to the updated Church of Hype playlist



A good bud/my next door neighbor asked me to DJ at he and his partner’s food truck opening tomorrow. I didn’t let myself even contemplate saying anything but yes!

Totally was planning on stopping by but more low key. Wasn’t planning on spending any time tonight getting records together, but when someone asks you to do something you love you gotta say yes! My response already hooked me with a night of music and it will be an honor to rep tomorrow night!

It’s so easy to get caught up in other plans and wack excuses so I try real hard to not overthink questions like this, put out an immediate hell yeah, and let the rest fall into place – trusting in the serendipity.

So far so good on this method as far as I can remember right now… does it work for you? I’m searching for that horror story of agreeing to something terrible but what’s also cool is you can still always change your mind and say no thx! Full circle hype!