Jam of the Week #37: I’m Alive

As literal as it is I love this song – especially this cover by The Clique. Original is off the 1969 LP Crimson & Clover from Tommy James and the Shondells

I was lucky enough to find this 45 at a Salvation Army in Yakima, WA – sleeveless and in a stack of random records. I remember putting it on in my hotel room and losing my shit, thinking this is incredible and it must be worth so much $$!!… Or you can get it on Discogs for under $5 (reality ✔)

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Jam of the Week #36: D’Evils

D’Evils by SiR from November (2018)

I’ve had this in my head since catching the TDE tour in Phoenix a week ago. Turns out singing ‘life is so much better when you live in slow motion’ over and over feels really good and actually slows shit down!

Love this track. Love this dude. Love you.

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I just re-found some notes I took while reading something from Noam Chomsky a couple years ago. I put them on a mini clipboard on my desk and have been flipping through and staring at random pages. Right now I’m stuck on the idea of unconsciously-self-imposed limits.

We set limits on our lives without even knowing we’re doing it. We might feel 100% free but are actually putting ourselves in a box, even if its a really huge box. This way we can feel good about where we are, what we’re doing, and most importantly who we are.

It’s scary to think about life on a wider scale. It puts us on the level with everything else in the world (human, animal, inadement object?). It forces us to really look and say I could be anything. Life is good, but I could also be D’angelo’s best friend. I don’t like to think that I’m currently failing at being D’angelo’s best friend, but it feels good to view life as infinitely possible.

Amy Goodman gets it. I was able to see her speak at a bookstore in Phoenix a couple years ago. It was really fun and she had lots of jokes – all while doing an incredible job getting the audience to focus on important issues. She is effective locally (in-person), globally (on TV and radio), and is always down to travel further and go deeper into something completely new and potentially dangerous.

Even being remotely open to the concept that we limit ourselves without thinking about it creates a more shared perspective and improves our lives and everyone (everything?) we share them with – people we know and people we effect without ever meeting.

Jam of the Week #35 : Montara

Montara by Madlib off the 2003 Shades of Blue LP

I find myself randomly singing this loop and feeling so uplifted by it! Grateful it has a permanent home in my dome. Hope you dig hearing it for the first time or rediscovering the magic.

Madlib is so epic he gets taken for granted… at least that’s what happens in my collection. If I think about some of my favorite music of all time, most of it has a direct or indirect link to the loopdigga.


Was chatting with my wife last night about what life was just 5 years ago. Not really focussing on what’s changed, but what a trip it is how incredibly different things are now. And how different they are from 6 months ago.

The trip is its impossible to be where we are without that time, and impossible for our now selfs to reach back and tell our past selfs to step it up, or do more of that! Literally only time and experience do this. We’re privileged to more of it every moment and it continues to gradually create change as slowly as a plant grows – until that morning you wake up and realize, damn this plant is huge! 

What I was tiring to relate this to last night and might be getting off track of now is an argument for living in the moment, intentionally or unintentionally – it’s really all we can do. Wouldn’t have been possible to jump from then to now, and I’m not sure I wouldn’t have wanted to. But I was pretty happy then, and feeling even happier now. Wishing you that same crescendo <3