Jam of the Week #32: Little Brown Dog

Little Brown Dog by Mo Kolours from his self-titled 2014 record on One Handed Music

This song became a soundtrack for me and my wife at our old apartment in Linnton. She used to crack up when it came on – so happy for what a simple and joyful track it is.

I highly recommend everything in the Mo Kolours catalog... slowly catching up via Discogs myself.

Also big shout out to our little dog LUG <3

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Fun professionals

I’ve been thinking a lot about change and impermanence thanks to reading a bunch of Thich Nhat Hanh (specifically FearThe Art of Living, & Peace is Every Step).

I started combining these teachings with what it might mean to be a fun professional. If we look at being a fun pro as making the most of any situation, we roll with change and create the fun pro experience around it. It’s making something new and different awesome, and not clinging to something that no longer exists. Being able to live deeply and honestly in reality, look straight in have a rad and impactful day.

Jam of the Week #31: Something (On My Mind)

Something (On My Mind) by Jack J off the 2014 Looking Forward to You 12″ 

I just really love this song! It’s such an uplifter for me, hope it hits you with the same. King kong heartbeat props to DJ Roane Namuh for putting this on Roane Zone #9 and introducing me to my new lifestyle of vibing to Jack J! Love you!

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Jam of the Week #30: Kanstructivist

Kanstructivist by Kankick off the 2002 Mad Men LP ft. Declaime, Kan, & Poppy

This is the most beautiful rap song I’ve ever heard. Kankick beat x Kankick singing/rapping/existing effortlessly in his art. I don’t know of a producer or rapper with a more soulful vibe in hip-hop than Kan. And soulful not meaning all the tracks are in this vein… more like guttural-soulful. Lots of his music is a heavy, gritty, garage sale funk.  If you’re peeping the back catalog start here.

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Have a killer weekend 🚀

Heros & labels

Heroes change, just like us.

When our heroes change it’s scary, because it reminds us we’re always changing. One of my new heroes is a writer, and he’s turning into lots of new writer heroes. Typically I’d spend all my time and energy on music. Researching, listening, creating, supporting… Now a lot of that time is spent reading, writing, brainstorming and buying books.

It’s scary because it questions my identity – if my identity is a musician! This is where labels can really turn against us. It’s possible to feel like seeking out rad written art is a diss to my love for music!  bummertown.com/hellno.

What if my label was just me? Or my vibe? And it can be influenced by anything I feel like absorbing in the moment?  Film, convos with friends, music, books. Walks with my dog. Staring at a bird. Fuck a label. Change (or add)  heroes. Remove any barriers and just keep giving yourself all the experiences you want – judgment free.

Part of this may be dropping some ego off, like when I stopped feeling the need to be a rapper in every conversation I have. Thanks to some rad friends I’ve learned the slow build is so much better! If you tell someone you’re an artist or – even worse, in a band, right off you might get a lackluster ‘oh, cool.’ Doesn’t really pull any weight because why would they know if they like what you do yet!? If you have a bunch of awesome collaborative interactions with someone who later finds out, ‘holy shit, you made this?’ … you just fueled your art in a rad humble way without doing anything but hustling on being you.

Jam of the Week #29: Teachers

Big thanks to my bro Tom for picking the 29th Jam of the Week!

Teachers by Daft Punk off their 1997 LP Homework

Teachers is the ultimate representation of the ‘face backwards, crew forwards’ mentality. [A] Jon Francois phrase. We saw a dude accepting a trophy turn backwards on the stand to rep his crew on the back of his jacket.” – Tom

This all went down at  Pedal Fabulous (a bicycle fashion show) and sounds magical as hell. Thanks Tom and thanks to the most hype / most polite Jon Francois!