Jam of the Week #28: Spirits of the Ancestors

Spirits of the Ancestors by Josef Leimberg of the 2016 Astral Progressions (recently released on cassette!)

This is a mind-blowing awaking song that I’ve played probably over 50 times right when I wake up. I love what an incredible lead-in to my morning routine it is.

I was lucky enough to see it performed live last fall! They started out the show to it as the sun was setting at the outdoor LA venue. Total magic!

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[Hella] social media

Like a lot of people my age (and people in general) I’m regularly questioning social media while spending 30min + a day staring at it. Not even really participating, just watching. I’ve gotten past using Facebook and feeling great about that, thinking Twitter and IG are for me.  But I keep catching those ‘what just happened’ feelings I’d get while sitting for 4hrs watching Saved By The Bell into Full House into Growing Pains before dinner growing up. It’s a weird dullness far from how I really want to feel about anything I do.

My new plan is to use text as my social media. All I really want to do is get better at keeping in touch with friends, which I’ve proven to kind of suck at on social media! I’m going to send that weird picture of something reminding me of a friend directly to them, via text. Or better yet call them and tell them about it! Last night I sent my bro a license plate that reminded me of him. We had a solid couple texts and it felt good.

I’ll update on how it’s going in a month

Ever try something like this? Let me know how it worked!

Resume help

I don’t think there’s much cooler than a friend asking for resume help! I get so happy when the people around me are working to improve.

Looking for jobs can be just about the loneliest and most depressing place there is, and simultaneously the most hype. Lean towards friends in this situation! We all want each other to kill it. We all have good ideas. Share your resume with the crew. Bounce ideas. It also lets people know you’re on the hunt and when they hear of stuff they’ll think of you. Same thing on the universe tip, where putting it out there and opening up to the change and opportunity will eventually lead you somewhere cool, man.

This doesn’t have to live in the resume type of job search either. Anything anyone is doing to improve, change, re-vamp and look up to all the cool stuff they could be doing can and should be shared! It doesn’t have to come off as a brag to land an awesome job!

The people around me (including myself) have continually sacrificed work life for art life and vice versa. Somewhere in this cycle is a trap that says if you’re doing more on one end you’re not doing enough or can’t do the other. Fuck that depressing shit! Kill it at your art. Get the jobs you want that pay you what you’re worth. Share these vibes with the peeps around you and we’ll all benefit from your radness! <3

Please don’t hesitate to holler if you want to hype up your new job mission. Email me

Jam of the Week #27: A Friend

Selected by my friend Megan, aka the illordess! She’s an incredible artist, DJ, and FRIEND living in Portland, OR.

A Friend by KRS-One of his I Got Next LP (1997)

From the illordess… It’s a track that makes me think of our hard working, hard playing crew!

“I send this record to the well-respected friends that I’ve collected, I hope I am what you expected”

I love this pick because it makes me think of Megan since she used to spin it a bunch, and I really dig the ‘all that can end…’ sentiment. Where he’s telling us to rep hard for friends while we got them right here right now!

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Anyone remember what was on this enhanced CD? 

The hum

My friend Mark brought up the hum over breakfast the other day. He described it as that feeling you get when you know you’re not doing you 100%, but have to continue, or will continue for the time being while searching for something new.

He’s going to write some really cool stuff about this, and when he does I can’t wait to share it! Here are some thoughts I left our conversation with…

Avoiding the hum is key but you have to recognize it first,  which is essentially a version of being honest with yourself so you can feel it when it’s there… or maybe you’re so chill and comfy nothing is humming, if so, props!

Is the hum something you’re just supposed to deal with forever because discipline is a muscle and you have to work hard? Shouldn’t we shoot for a life where the only feeling are rad and the hum isn’t even a thought?

I think it’s a raw human spidey sense. Like even survival (at least emotionally). We can eat well if we work a ton and make good money, but the hum doesn’t care about that. In my personal experience it usually puts me in greater financial risk.

S/o to dodging the hum and working towards life that never feels like we’re being pulled this way or that, only doing what feels right and living ok in the process.

Much love to my friend Mark!

Jam of the Week #25: Dominoes

Hey gang check out Dominoes by Donald Bryd off his incredible 1975 LP Places and Spaces … also appearing on the Blue Note Live at The Roxy LP (1976) which is where I first heard it and remains a pretty rad and cheap record to find.

The live version is more sped up and I always felt like he was basically rapping verses which I especially loved when I bought it in my most true school hip-hop years at around 20 years old.

Hope you time to let this track give you a smile this week 🙂

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