Bazooka rug

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I definitely don’t love weapons. And am not a fan of joking about heavy shit (to a fault). But I was so hyped about the bazooka rug the GM of a local restaurant ‘shot’ at me and his sous chef the other night!

It was one of those inspiring moments where someone working a chill job is having 2,000 times more fun than people making hella loot. Like when you randomly have the nicest interaction with someone at a fast food spot. Shit is incredible!

I’ve been lucky enough to have some pretty cool jobs. And been surrounded by people who (myself included) sometimes forget our jobs are dope and have lame ass days! Fuck that forever and ever and ever!

Then you got someone hustling hard running a bar and cleaning up shooting you with a ‘bazooka’ he made out of a rolled-up rug out the front door of his really empty bar (to the point he could have been bummed out).

Laughing and having an amazing time wins again!

Jam of the Week #21: I Do Whatever I Want

Keeping it hella literal (and also not) this week with I do Whatever I Want by Homeboy Sandman off his 2012 Chimera EP 

Obviously the title of the track explains a vibe, but it isn’t your typical positivity flag-waving anthem. HBSM reps for everything he does. Owning it, and so doing whatever he wants to do.

Listening to this track I come back to the mindset where if you live right, care, and try to be a rad person doing whatever you want can mean literally anything. It can mean less worrying, and more doing you as you feel, being you’ll inherently add the effort of good vibes.

Also Homeboy Sandman’s live shows are fucking cray.

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I met a guy named Kit at the co-op yesterday. Wouldn’t have met him if I wasn’t listening to the audiobook for Peace is Every Step by Thit Nhat Hanh. Wouldn’t have started that if it wasn’t recommended by Patrick Rhone in this awesome read

Reading this stuff has hyped me to stay more present, and specifically to eat food without a phone or computer in my face. Just chilling and eating. It feels really weird at first, like if you’re trying to quit drinking while hanging out on the patio at a familiar bar.

So Kit and I were sitting next to each other staring at 4th Ave. We watched a skateboarder cruise past dipping down 4th. He told me the point of life is to find something you like doing as soon as you can, something that brings you joy, and do it as much as you can. He said do YOU, not what you’re told or expected to do.

He repped this knowledge is the most chillest of ways. Having tamales and a kombucha, and talking about joy. Happy I stared at the world instead of my phone for this meal. 🤙

Jam of the week #20: Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel

Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel by Todd Rundgren from the 1973 LP A Wizard, A True Star on Bearsville

Sometimes I just feel so afraid
But I know that no one else has it made
So if I just believe in myself
I won’t need no help from nobody else
Epically positive. Hope y’all feel the same 🚀
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Inevitable tuff stuff

Went for a new moon night hike last night! I don’t really know a lot about moon cycles so I didn’t realize that meant dark af until I used the :new_moon: emoji on Slack at work… Basically, the lack of moonlight lets you see brighter and more dynamic stars (this, you might already know).

Talking with my friend about life as you do when you get cooking on the trail, he dropped some cool insight I hoped to remember and write about.

We were talking about the idea of people who tend to dive into drama or stay in negative (sometimes hateful) spaces. As my friend put it, you’re probably going to run into something that’s hard to deal with every couple months, so why go looking for it?

This is not to say hard work doesn’t need to get done and life should be a fluffy cloud with endless coffees. Just that we can probably check ourselves when we’re entering into a self-induced stress-mess and realize that we might as well have some fun and save that energy for the inevitable tuff stuff.


Jam of the Week #19: It’s Great to Be

It’s Great To Be by Quelle Chris from his 2017 LP Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often

“I fuck with myself

I fuck with myself

Might bring myself some flowers

I’m in love with myself”

Fuck with how positive this shit is! How he creates a beautiful anthem of honoring your dopeness – imagine what it would feel like to be somewhere everyone jammed this on their way in. I want to there with you. LET’S BE THERE!

❤ !

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Official hype chart 1.0

I know this isn’t a totally new idea and probably has a name but it came to me during DO(OM) YOGA this 12/31 – And I have no problem with ‘corny’ New Year New You plans. Why diss any idea working to do you better? 

Here’s what I think this it’s saying in case you want to try it:

  • Purple – some things that rep you the most (or you want to rep you the most)
  • Green – Expand the circle of those purple things
  • Blue, orange, light green – Hype ideas your circles make you think of in the moment

*Don’t worry if you miss something,  I know I did (sorry LUG and V). Mine definitely changed from my head at yoga → frantic credit card envelope chicken scratch → Xandu whiteboard.

It seems like you can continue these circles forever, but my favorite part of doing this was realizing it’s enough and so much of what we do is inherent based on our core (whether or not we acknowledge it).

It points to who you are and recognizes the years of experience of your badassedness. Rad vibe to take to the next job interview, walk around the block,  or art project – realizing you already have it dialed, just jump in and crush!

Did you try this or have a different way to rep yourself via Expo marker? Let me know bud!🤗