It’s my best friend’s birthday

And I almost forgot to reach out. Life got too crazy for me to remember.

Friends are more important than money,  bigger than stress from jobs or life, and the least replaceable thing you have. I doubt if I know someone who would disagree, but we all forget this sometimes and that’s natural and ok. Just be on the lookout for reminders to check back in with what really matters.

Today I was reminded by my best friend. Thanks, and Happy Birthday Tom ♥

Unplanned & Confident

You’ve worked your entire life to do whatever it is you are doing right now. So why worry about planning the next thing?

My favorite place to think and brainstorm is driving on a weird patch of road in the country, or coming across a bend of highway and finally seeing the Seattle skyline. I’ve spent months living and traveling on the road with friends and family  –  and found planning to be the major reason we had any rough times.

Not saying planning is a terrible thing at all, just remember you’ve already put the work in – enjoy your hard-earned ability to cruise in life! What should we do when we get there? When we get to this turn what will we do? Enjoy the now, and be confident in your ability to make the right decision when you need to, instead of filling your current moment with one you’ll be living soon ☮