Let’s build

One of my best buds calls me ‘life coach’ and another said they’d join my cult if I had one – definitely putting that at the top of the resume!

I love chatting with folks and hyping them up about living to their utmost. I just genuinely really dig talking through life transitions like moving, job searching, and sobriety. If you’re up for it, let’s build!

I’ve had about a million jobs from 9-5 to freelance to everything in between, traveled the country a couple of times by van and RV, and made a couple of permanent moves to new cities.

I’m usually in some form of therapy personally, and I’m always reading inspiring stuff I’d love to share. Oh and I’m constantly in my head about this stuff if that wasn’t obvious already!

If you want to chat and build about a hype re-up, new job, new city, new art vibes, or kick it, fill out the form below or send me an email at nick@hype.church