Here’s a kinda loose but fun daily check-in. I like how it’s hard to put some things in just one category, which is totally ok because it also doesn’t matter! Fuck you unhelpful rules! Oh and he mentioned its even ok to improve .01% on any of these because that’s still improving!

Heard this guy James Altucher on the 10% happier podcast. Sometimes the podcast is a little bro-y… but its goal is spreading good vibes widely so that’s ultimately awesome. And they have bigger guests since they have a nice budget.

James is similar. Is he just a rich white dude who gets to have fun? Idk. Never googled him but I feel like he’s white and he has admittedly been wealthy multiple times. But he’s also really inspiring and has cool ideas.

Both make me check myself, thank myself for being critical, acknowledge being too critical and hopefully see the positives they provide to people they interact with, and since they’re both kinda famous that list is big.