My list of books I read this year and learned about from friends, fam, podcasts, the library, and hopefully more that mysteriously land on my front porch.

I’d love to see your list or learn about anything you think belongs here. Send me an email to let me know!

seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees โ€“ Lawrence Weshler

30+ years of conversation with artist Robert Irwin. This book has been a total life-changer for me. How he looks at art, the questions he hopes to answer with his art, and his unapologetic use of styles and willingness to completely change gears are all so dang inspiring! I’m already applying it to the work I do.

My friend Barzan aka Billy Frey told me he thought of me while reading this and recommended it. After reading I’m even more humbled and so grateful he shared it! Here’s a post I wrote about how dope HE is a while back… <3

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