Hey I’m Nick (and that’s Lug)

nick and lug driving church of hype do you!

I hope my writing helps you feel inspired, represented, and challenged to honor what’s possible.

My friends and I came up with Church of Hype in the early 2000’s as a way to explain how we live. The name originated from playing with some words on a church marquee during a crew walk up the street from our house in NE Portland, OR.

Here’s a clip from back then when I got to rep Church of Hype on NPR’s Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan

I write to cut through any wack stigma in hyping yourself up to do you 100. If I can help in any way, or if anything comes up for you when reading my work you can use the contact page or send me an email to reach out.

I’m also keeping a reading list if you’re interested in checking it out, and I’m cycling through updates of this playlist for tunes currently giving me hype vibes.

If you’re looking for a 1 on 1 hype chat you can reach out here.

Thanks for reading.