1-1 Hype

One of my best buds calls me ‘life coach’ and another said they’d join my cult if I had one – definitely putting that at the top of the resume!

I LOVE hyping folks about living to their utmost possibilities including talking through life transitions like moving, job searching, and sobriety.

Right now I’m so f’n hyped to be working on a full resume, cover letter, job goals, and strength-recognizing revamp with one of my best buds. His stuff is looking SO GOOD. Can’t wait for him to land a gig and start on a new path.

I’ve had about a million jobs from 9-5 to freelance to everything in between, traveled the country a couple of times by van and RV, and successfully made 2 permanent moves to new cities.

I’m usually in some form of therapy personally, and I’m always reading inspiring stuff I’d love to share.

I do my best to listen to what folks are discovering in themselves and share it with them. You probably already know what you want in your heart – it just helps to talk it out and hear it from outside oursevles.

If you could use a hype re-up, new job, new city, or want to talk through some stuff, reach out anytime.

Fill out the form below or send me an email at nick@hype.church